Barrandov terrace (CZ)

Dating back to 1929, the lookout tower rises above the modern yet decaying complex and stands to tell the story about the success of the Barrandov film studios. This spot used to be the go-to place for stars and filmmakers from all over the country. The terrace is where the luxury happened. With drinks in hand and swimsuits on, the stars would often chill on the balconies or take a dip into the pool.

When communism took over the place became state property and was left isolated. After decades of decay the complex was returned to the formal owner and eventually sold to an unknown investor. The reconstruction has been going on for years but the opening of 2014 has obviously not been met.

During my visit I was send away from the building because the complex was under construction. Even though it was on a Sunday someone was overlooking the place. The only word I understood was “police” so I left right away. Luckily the swimming pool was still accessible for me and got to take some pictures of it.

Build: 1929
Visited: 16 april 2017