Chateau Miranda (B)

Update november 2016 – What has been long feared for is now reality. The castle has been taken apart. It is very sad that such a beautiful building will be gone forever.


This castle in the southside of Belgium probably one of the last of it’s kind. It is a rare castle build in neogothic style and will be gone soon if the owners get the way. The castle should have been much larger but when the owner died before it was completed, the following architect made it to what it now. The place first has been used as a place to live in, later on, the place was occupied by the nazi’s and after the war it has been taken over the by NMBS. They turned the castle into an orphanage and also a holiday camp for sickly children. It lasted as a children’s camp until the late 1970s.

The place has been abandoned sinds 1991 because of the high costs to maintain the place and there were not enough investors found to pay for it. The community of Celles has offered to take over the place but the owners refused it and let the castle for decay. Nowadays there is not a windows that hasn’t been cracked and mosts of the floors has been collapsed. The place is an dangerous ‘heaven’ for photographers like myself and sadly also to vandalism.

During my visit it was quite a foggy day so it was hard to make a great set of pictures. Never the less, it was a great experience and it saddens me that the place will be torn down soon.

Built: 1886 – 1907
Abandoned: 1991
Visited: 23 januari 2016