Gravestone Church (BE)

Since 1211 there is a church in this small village. It is looted over the centuries, burned down and rebuilt with funding from the Walloon Region. In 1785 it got its current form, but it has since not survive the modern age. Restoration would run into many millions of euros. Since the money is not there and the building is on the Cultural Heritage list since 1992, there will be no change for the time being like so many other buildings in Wallonia and is condemned to a slow decline.

On the outside, the church retains its charm but the inside is completely destroyed, the plaster of the pillars, the stained glass windows have been smashed and the floor is broken. Because of the open and cleared out digging, this location is also known as the ‘gravestone-church’.

Built: 1211
Abandoned: 1970
Visited: 18 november 2016