Kent School (DE)

Kent school is a large complex with a church, an office, a school and two buildings to live in. The place was completed in 1913 and there were up to 600 people living on the premisses.

During the second world war the place was taking over by the nazi’s. The monastery was renamed to Waldniel Hostert. The place was used as euthanasie centrum for disabled people because there was no place for those in the new empire of Adolf Hitler. It is known that more than 500 people dead during the war, and over 100 of them were children.

After the war the place has served as a military hospital for the English army and after that the monastery was turned into a school, hence the name Kent School. This place was not a real urbex visit for me. I did even pay to get on to the site. All the gates and guards made it very hard to get in unseen so i’m glad to have do this one legally.

Built: 1909
Abandoned: 1992
Visited: 21 january 2017