Kinderkrankenhaus W (DE)

This children’s hospital was designed by Carl James B├╝hring and place opened in 1909. It was the first communal children’s hospital created to handle the steady increase in births around the city.
The hospital was one of the best of its kind and became a training center for doctors and nurses.

The hospital closed down in 1997 and was sold to some investors but the plans to build an cancer center has never been completed. The startdate for construction was in 2011 but nowadays the place has been left alone for years.

My visit at this place was very brief. On the last day of my visit at this city, my girlfriend and i decided to look at this place but due to a plane departure in a couple of hours we just had about 30 minutes. When i return to the city, i really would like to visit this place again and take my time.

Built: 1909
Abandoned: 1997
Visited: 03 januari 2016