Lost mines (BE)

This abandoned coalmine is well known in the urbex scene. The immense property, the characteristic elements and the decay that is been going on for ages. The site has been left alone for 40 years now.

The mine was formed in 1848, when men started digging two shafts that where 170 and 250 meters deep. Around the 1930’s there were around 1500 workers at the plant mining for coals winning around 1000 tons per day. The mine also had coal washing facilities and the location was perfect for transport by train and by boat.

Around 1977 the mine closed down due to the fact that gas and other fuels where gaining terrain. Different plans where made to destroy or to restore and protect the place but nothing much has happend the last years.

Built: 1848
Abandoned: 1977
Visited: 6 march 2016