Piscine Mosq (BE)

The building was build for a lot of purposes. Houses, a swimming pool, an auditorium, a theater and a restaurant. The place has been left alone since the early 1990’s and is almost fully demolished and wrecked by visitors. The is hardly any charm left in this place. Nice to know is that there is an identical building somewhere else in Belgium, in Jemmepe sur Sambre. The last one is still in service.

The building closed its doors in the early 1990s with the closure of a nearby plant. It was then sold by its owner Université Libre de Bruxelles, in 2005. It is sold by a non-profit organization that bought the building. It promised to carry out works and transform it into a mosque but, for years nothing happens.

Built: 1937-1939
Abandoned: 1990
Visited: 18 november 2016