Santpoort Revisit (NL)

In a town in north-west of Holland the mental hospital “Meer en Berg” was founded in 1849. The place was originally build for around 250 patients, but in the late 19th century , that number had risen to 1300.

People in the institution were separated by class and wealth, not to the illness of the patients. Thus, the simple-minded, the demented elderly and schizophrenic lived together in common areas. This hospital has a rich history of cruelty and lots of patients died due to experiments.
Some people say the place is haunted, there a strange activities are observed inside and outside of the building.

In 1986 its was decided to close the clinic and patients were transferred to smaller institutions. In the years between 1987 and 2002 the place has been more and more obsolete and the terrain of 38 acres has been abandoned ever since.

This is my set of photos from my second visit.

Built: 1846 – 1849
Abandoned: 2002
Visited: 16 March 2014