Teufelsberg (DE)

The Teufelsberg is an artificial mountain on the outskirts of Berlin. It is build on top of a nazi building, a military technical faculty, too tough to breakdown and on top of the the rubble of around 400.000 houses after the second world war. The american recognized this as the location perfect for all sort of spyingmethodes. The mountain is as high as 120 meters.

Around 1963 the first field station was operational and and the end of the cold war up to 1500 Americans and Bristsh were overhearing the enemy’s communications deep into the Soviet bloc.

For myself this one of the highlights of my visit to the city. Not only the site itself, also the trip to the top of the mountain and the bizarre history of this place i found very overwhelming.

Built: 1951 – 1963
Abandoned: 1990
Visited: 02 januari 2016